#15 Ecopsychology and Nature’s Rights with Pella Thiel

Todays guest, Pella Thiel describes herself as a systemic activist and cultural change agent. She organise, write and educate on issues related to adjustment for a society in harmony with nature. Pella is an educated ecologist and has been involved in starting Swedish parts of international networks such as the Network for Nature’s Rights, End Ecocide Sweden (works for large-scale environmental damage as an international crime), and the Transition Network in Sweden, just to mention some of the cool stuff she does. We discuss why it is important for nature to have rights, what actually happens with us humans when we spend time in nature, what a transition network is and much much more. It was a real delight talking with Pella, she’s very authentic and inspiring with the work she does, hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it 🙂 / Jonathan & Melker


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