#16 Why Sustainability is not enough with Stephen Vasconcellos

Stephen is a change-maker and a committed believer in a better world. He’s currently spending most of his time on Make Postive Impact, Positive is hosting a global community of Positive Impact Companies empowering a Regenerative Economy. Giving small to medium enterprises the tools and resources to make real change. Our conversation with Stephen mainly circled around “Why Sustainability is not enough” and it was a real delight listening to Stephen’s accurate way to explain his vision for the future.

Moreover, Stephen has over 20 yrs in over 60 countries running media campaigns for Heads of State and CEO clients, He’s the Founder of Salt, a digital magazine for business with purpose change makers, He Co-founded Reboot the Future, a charity promoting a new narrative for people and planet, He Co-authored Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation with Nobel prize winners Al-Gore, Tutu, & Yunus. He’s also an advisor at the newly created Institute of Climate Justice (University of California). It’s fair to say that Stephen has an impressing resumé but he’s also a fantastic human being, hope you enjoy his wisdom as much as we did.

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