#17 The Importance of Purpose and Vertical Development with Carl Lindeborg

Carl Lindeborg is a passionate advocate for sustainability, he’s the founder of Leader Evolve, a catalyst for Future Proof Leadership where he helps leaders and organisations evolve into the future. He has published two books on personal leadership and he’s also the co-founder of Lindeborgs Eco Retreat, the world’s first carbon negative conference, retreat and training center. We really enjoyed having this conversation with Carl, we discussed a lot around purpose, Carl shared a super inspiring story of how he gave up a promising career at a well known consultancy company in order to travel the world, the experience which later resulted in the book about personal leadership “Your Brilliant Self”. Carl also covered the topic of Vertical Development which he sees as a key factor to develop for business leaders in the emerging complex times we face. If you would like to check out Carl’s inspiring stuff, see below. /Jonathan & Melker

Leader Evolve

Lindeborgs Eco Retreat

Carl’s Podcast “Stigfinnare”

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