#18 The Impact and Potential of Stories with The World of Wisdom Podcast

“We think we tell stories, but stories often tell us, tell us to love or hate, to see or be seen. Often, too often, stories saddle us, ride us, whip us onward, tell us what to do, and we do it without questioning. The task of learning to be free requires learning to hear them, to question them, to pause and hear silence, to name them, and then become a story-teller.” –Rebecca Solnit

In this episode we had the pleasure of curiously exploring the rabbit hole of stories with Amit Paul in this context as the host of The World Of Wisdom Podcast. As summarised from the quote above, there is immense power and impact behind the stories we tell. We shared our own experiences and thoughts around stories and what it means to us. Moreover, we discussed it from both a organisational and global perspective and explored what impact stories have on our future development.

If you would like to continue to explore this fascinating topic with the wonderful people behind World Of Wisdom press the link below.


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