#22 Impact Entrepreneurship with Nicholas Marchesi, Co-Founder Orange Sky

In the 22nd episode of The Decade Podcast, we speak with Nicholas Marchesi who is an amazing impact entrepreneur! He’s one of the co-founders of Orange Sky, the world’s first free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. What started as an idea to improve hygiene standards and restore dignity to people has evolved into something much bigger and more powerful.

Nic started Orange sky at the age of 20 with his friend Lucas Patchett in Brisbane Australia and it has now grown into an international enterprise that makes a real impact every day. Nic along with his co-founder Lucas have been awarded Young Australian of the year as well as Order of the Medal of Australia for their incredible contribution through their work with Orange Sky. Amongst other things we talk about the amazing story of Orange sky, impact entrepreneurship, and how important it is sometimes, only to take that first step towards making a positive impact and trust that the rest will fall into place.. Nic and Lucas are living proof of that!



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