#23 Personal Resilience and Well-being with Oren Ipp

In the 23rd episode of The Decade podcast, we dove deeper into an often overlooked aspect of sustainability, our own personal sustainability. Today’s guest, Oren Ipp has been working in the service of others for more than 20 years. He’s done many years in foreign aid, designing, managing, and evaluating multimillion-dollar programs in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

After many years of working on transitions within countries, communities, and institutions, he now focuses on personal transformation as a driver of social change. Oren work with activists, entrepreneurs, and innovators by helping individuals design and lead lives of meaning, service, passion, and balance.

Our conversation with Oren highlights the human experience. While working with societal and planetary challenges can be very overwhelming, and to stay in a positive direction while working on solving these challenges can itself be very challenging. Oren shares his tips and tricks about how we can navigate around our own personal well-being and it was really mind-expanding to listen to Oren speaking about his experience and expertise around the topic.

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