#25 Holistic Thinking about Circular Economy with Elin Bergman

In the 25th episode of The Decade Podcast, we sit down with Elin Bergman who’s a circular economy expert. She’s one of the most impactful drivers of change for the circular economy in Sweden and the Nordic countries. One could summarise that most of her work is dedicated to accelerating the transition from the dominant linear economy we see today to a circular economy which would help us move and operate within the planetary boundaries.

In our conversation with Elin, we dissected the term circularity from different perspectives. Elin gives many great practical examples of what circular economy is and what it’s not, but we also talk about it from a more philosophical perspective which I found very inspiring. It was such a pleasure speaking with Elin, her positive energy really affected me and I would truly recommend you to check her out, she’s doing some incredible stuff with the organizations she’s a part of! So without further ado, I hope that you’ll enjoy this episode with Elin Bergman!



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