#30 Love, Addiction & Sustainability with Johan Reunanen

In the 30th episode of The Decade Podcast, we sat down with the incredible human being Johan Reunanen. Johan is the Director and Head of Sustainability Transformation at the company Cordial. Amongst other things, his work is dedicated to helping companies in their sustainability transformation and often the transition to stop being fossil fuel dependent and replace that with a greener source of energy. He’s also a podcast host, an incredible thinker, and a leader fuelled with love. Johan shares many brilliant ideas in his talks and articles about Corporate Sobriety and Loving Leadership.

In our conversation with Johan, we talk a lot about addiction and specifically about Johan’s former addiction to alcohol. He shares a lot of insights from his recovery and how he uses those insights and his personal development in his work and journey through life. Moreover, we talk about what similarities there are between our current collective unsustainable behavior and addiction, the importance and need of creating a positive shared sustainable vision, and more.. Buckle up, this was truly a great one!

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Sustainability talks


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