#31 Sustainability Inside Out with Steph L Dickson

Todays guest, Steph L Dickson is an incredible voice for sustainability. Amongst other things, she’s the founder and CEO of Green is the new black, founder and host of the Live Wide Awake Podcast, and a two times TEDx speaker. In 2014 she was working in the fashion industry when she had a quite rude awakening that the industry she was so deeply invested in was in fact one of the biggest polluting industries in the world. She decided that she wanted to stop being a part of the problem and instead work towards being a part of the solution – this was the seed that initiated Steph’s impressing journey as an impact entrepreneur. In todays episode you will hear us talk about Steph’s work behind Green is the New black, her podcast, etc.. But we will also deep dive into to the human experience behind it all talking about Sustainability from the inside out.

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