#33 Meeting The Climate Crisis Inside Out With Jamie Bristow

Jamie Bristow is the Director of The Mindfulness Initiative, a policy institute about mindfulness and compassion training that grew out of a programme of mindfulness teaching for politicians in the British Parliament. Jamie work with politicians and other decision-makers around the world to help them make trainable capacities of mind and heart serious considerations of public policy and has supported the introduction of mindfulness courses in over 10 national parliaments. He is also the author of several publications including Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times and his most recent publication Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out.

Amongst other things, we talk about what mindfulness actually is, how it could serve as a form of self-defence in our current smartphone era where our attention is a constant victim of getting hijacked, and how mindfulness can serve as a valuable tool for sustainable development. In regards to sustainability, Jamie explains how mindfulness & compassion practise help us staying with the trouble, build psychological resilience and stimulate positive emotion and engagement.

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