#35 What if: Imagining The World We Want With Rob Hopkins

Why is imagination so crucial for humanity in 2022? The latest IPCC report is telling us that we have a small shrinking window for change, and it’s shrinking fast.

What if, could actually be the two most important and powerful words in our world right now. Todays guest Rob Hopkins, the author of What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want, says “Physics demands that we re-imagine everything, our food system, education system, transport system, economic system. All transformative projects starts with great what if questions, and if we keep coming back to our imaginative spaces, our imagination grows, followed by a sense of what’s possible grows, and that’s what we need to see in the world, now more than anything.”

By listening to this episode you will learn how you to become more imaginative, both in your personal and professional life, what a great “What if-question?” with transformative capacity is and tons of inspiration and insights from some of the amazing transformative stories behind Rob’s work.

See you in there! /Jonathan & Melker


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