#36 Collective Conscious Development with Tomas Björkman

Personal development is a key component in navigating today’s VUCA-World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous). Tomas says “Democracy will not function if everyone in society is adapting to what peers and culture are expecting of people. We need a critical mass of independently thinking and feeling people who can reinvent purpose on their own. Do we live in crappy times? No. We live on the threshold of a new world. Let’s give birth to it. Together.”

Based on his understanding of human and societal needs in a world that is in many ways falling apart, Tomas has committed himself to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society. He’s the founder of the Ekskäret Foundation and is involved in many other fascinating initiatives like Inner Development Goals, 29k, Emerge, K9 Co-living. He’s written three books, The Market Myth, The Nordic Secret, and The World We Create.

See you in there! /Jonathan & Melker

Get in touch with Tomas: http://www.tomas-bjorkman.com/

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