#37 Climate Optimism with Anne Therese Gennari

Do you want to learn how to change the narrative on climate change so we can act from courage and excitement, and not fear?

Today’s guest Anne Therese Gennari says, “When it comes to climate change, we’re asked to panic. But fear will never drive long-term, sustainable change, so it’s time we tell a new story. Climate Optimism is not about taking a step back and hoping for the best to happen. It’s about diving into awareness and choosing a path of resilience, action, and hope!”

Anne Therese is a speaker, educator, environmental activist, author, and podcaster. She’s currently writing a book with the title: How to shift the narrative about climate change and find courage and choose change that will be published this fall.

This episode is packed with many great insights on how to find optimism about climate change. We talk about what climate optimism is and myths around it, common barriers to action for the climate, and how science shows that optimism can serve as an antidote towards that inaction.

See you in there! /Jonathan & Melker


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