#39 The Future of Transportation with Anna Pernestål

Is electrification really the silver bullet solution to our current transportation system? And how do autonomous vehicles fit into today’s transportation system? Those are some of the questions we unpack in today’s episode.

Our guest, Anna Pernestål is a senior researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology and is the director of the Integrated Transport Research Lab. Her research focuses on sustainable transport, connected and automated mobility, and shared mobility. She takes an integrated, or system-level approach, and studies impacts on sustainability from environmental, economical and social perspectives.

You will hear us talk about what our transportation system would look like in a sustainable society and why it is so important to have an integrated systems thinking approach when working with sustainable development.

Integrated Transport Research Lab: https://www.itrl.kth.se/integrated-transport-research-lab-itrl-1.1081637

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