#41 Saving Coral Reefs with Karine Toumazeau – Pt.1

What would happen if there were no more coral reefs?

Coral Gardeners is on a mission to revolutionize ocean conservation and generate collaborative action around the world to save our coral reefs! In this two part episode we talk with Karine Toumazeau who’s their head of strategy. The devoted team at Coral Gardeners have set up an ambitious goal, planting 1 million corals and telling the story of the reef to 1 billion people by 2025.

Hear us talk about the journey of how coral gardeners started with a small group of young people in French Polynesia on the island of Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti. The small group were first hand witnesses to the rapid degradation of the coral reefs and decided to take action. This small group of young locals have now grown to an international collective of scientists, engineers, creators and advocates who are determined to save the reef!

No Reef, No Ocean, No Air!


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