#44 Who Are We & Why Are We Here with Nils Von Heijne

Why is life confusing, challenging, and messy? Why is there pain, fear, and darkness? Why is everything always changing? What is life really about?

These are some of the questions today’s guest Nils Von Heijne has been experiencing and exploring more deeply since 2014. Nils is invited back to once again share his perspective about the impact and purpose of personal development, and the role it plays in creating a sustainable world. Nils is a man of many crafts, he’s a serial entrepreneur, shaman, holistic coach, advisor and change maker and has started around 20 companies.

One of his recents contributions is the recently published book with the title; 42 – a simple guide to explore and live your life (and change the world while doing it) The book consists of four core questions; Who am I? Why am I here? What should I do? How should I do it? He says that the book has almost been writing itself throughout his explorative journey since 2014, which started with his first visit to burning man.

Connect with Nils: https://nilsvonheijne.com/

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