#48 Breathing for Better Health with Robbin & Torunn

In this episode of The Decade Podcast, we sit down with Robbin and Torunn, the founders of OYNS – Optimize Your Nervous System. Robbin and Torunn’s craft is breathwork, and specificalises in vivation – which can be described as the process of fully embracing the total human experience of life. We dive into the topic of breathwork and explore how it can be used to optimize our nervous system. We discuss the benefits of breathwork and they share their experiences of how it has helped them and others to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

We also discuss the potential impact that breathwork could have if practiced on a large scale. Furthermore, the founders explain the science behind how breathwork affects our bodies and provide practical tips for listeners who are interested in trying it out for themselves.

Join us as we learn from Robbin and Torunn about the power of vivation and breathwork and its potential to transform our lives.

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