#49 Healing Ourselves & The Planet with Gustaf Skarsgård & Johan Reunenen

Can the methods of the 12-step program help us recognize and honestly take stock of our shared destructive addictions? Can they even help free us from the systemic failures that threaten life on the planet?

In this episode we explore the intersection of addiction, recovery, and sustainability. Todays guests, Johan Reunenen and Gustaf Skarsgård share their personal experiences with addiction and the recovery through the 12-step program, and offer insights about how personal and destructive addictions, such as alcohol or drugs, reflect the societal addictions that prevent us from facing the climate crisis.

We also talk about how the process of recovery can provide a foundation for guiding us in our process of creating a more sustainable and just world for future generations and how self-awareness, acceptance and accountability are vital factors in that process.

Join us in this intriguing episode as we truly delve into our core question “How on earth can we live together?”

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