#51 Using AI to Solve Sustainability Challenges with Kye Andersson

Join us as we explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to help address the world's most pressing challenges with Kye Anderson, co-founder of Canucci, a company working with AI to drive positive change in large organizations. In this episode, we delve into the ways AI can be used to support sustainable development in sectors like healthcare, education, and politics, as well as large environmental projects.

As we discuss the opportunities presented by AI, we also touch on potential harms and ethical considerations. Kye shares his insights on how we can use AI as a powerful tool for positive change, rather than being consumed by fears of a “terminator scenario.” We examine how AI can be leveraged to address the most urgent issues facing humanity and the planet, and explore how individuals can be more intentional in their use of AI to maximize its positive impact.

Through our conversation, we gain a deeper understanding of the potential for AI to support sustainable development and address pressing global challenges. Join us to learn more about the possibilities and limitations of this powerful technology and how we can harness its potential for the greater good.

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