#53 Supporting Sustainable Energy Transition with Samer Nameer, Enerpoly

Join us in an insightful conversation with Dr. Samer Nameer, the co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Enerpoly, a groundbreaking energy storage company dedicated to global energy access and decarbonization.

In this episode, we explore Enerpoly's mission to deliver the energy storage solutions of tomorrow. Dr. Samer Nameer sheds light on how he and his colleagues created their patented zinc-ion battery technology. We delve into their commitment to long-term viability and how their innovative process allows for scalable production, making clean and sustainable batteries accessible to a wide range of applications, from residential to grid-scale.

Throughout our conversation, we discuss the advantages of zinc-ion batteries compared to traditional lithium batteries, highlighting the safety and sustainability aspects. Dr. Nameer also shares valuable insights into the challenges faced by the current battery industry and how Enerpoly's technology aims to meet the growing demand for energy storage.

Lastly, Dr. Nameer offers his personal perspective on being an entrepreneur in today's business landscape and the significance of innovation in driving positive change.

Tune in!

/Jonathan & Melker


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