#57 Beyond the Finish Line: Ultra Running & Sustainability with Damian Hall

We sit down with Damian Hall, an ultrarunner, author, and activist where we delve into his vision and ideas for a more sustainable running industry.

Damian shares his personal story with ultra running, but our conversation goes far beyond the miles. He share how his curiousity about how to lower his own environmental footprint while racing was the seed the grew into his book, “We Can't Run Away from This,” which is shedding light on the massive environmental footprint of the running industry.

We discuss how he artfully combines humour and activism, navigating the complex terrain of climate discourse, and the significance of humility in the sustainability space. He emphasizes that it's not about perfection but about striving to be better, not bitter.

Furthermore, we explore practical steps to address sustainability within the running community, from opting out of races with high-carbon sponsors to the power of speaking up.

The episode is a compelling blend of adventure, environmental awareness, and practical sustainability tips. Damian Hall's journey and wisdom will leave you inspired to lace up your shoes, not just for the run, but for a more sustainable future.

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