#60 Nakãya – A World Of Discovering Our True Nature with David Lindberg

Imagine a world where people lived in harmony with one another, freely exchanging knowledge and resources, and celebrating the diversity that existed within the world. The people recognized that each creature had its own unique gifts and talents, and worked together to create a society that was just and equitable for all beings.

Dive into a realm of creativity and connection in the world of
Nakãya with our latest episode featuring David Lindberg, the visionary founder of the Nakãya Project. In this captivating conversation, we explore the genesis of Nakãya, a world he crafted with the intention to serve as a scaffold for humanity to connect with their true nature.

It began with David playfully experimenting with AI, resulting in visually stunning creatures that captivated the hearts and minds of nearly hundreds of thousands of people. In our conversation, we unravel many dimensions of this project and David’s own awakening journey.

We talk about his own upbringing, his career within film making where he reached his ultimate goal of working with big artists like Avicii, but, at the same time, not feeling fully content with his life. Together we explore what role Nakãya could play in the transition to a world where humanity would thrive while at the same time living in harmony with nature.

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