#62 Inner & Outer Sustainability with Sophie Gripenberg

How can we be of service to the world to the best of our abilities while at the same time optimizing our personal well-being? That's the million-dollar question for sustainability professionals!

The well-being of sustainability professionals directly impacts their ability to drive positive change. When these professionals are supported, they can innovate, collaborate, and lead more effectively, amplifying their contributions to society.

Today's guest, Sophie Gripenberg holds a double bachelor's degree in peace- and development studies and economics, and a master's in socio-ecological resilience for sustainable development. She has created an inspiring career working for the UN with a focus on human rights, being a self-employed sustainability consultant as well as focusing on creating awareness on how sustainability professionals can improve their wellbeing while working for a better world.

This episode is packed with wisdom and insights on how to find the right work-life balance as a sustainability professional. We explore how nurturing our well-being and finding tools to navigate personal challenges empowers us to be more effective advocates for a sustainable planet and society.

Find out more about Sophie here.

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