#63 Climate for Growth with Carl Lindeborg

In this episode you'll have the opportunity to get practical on your path towards your authentic self. It's the first out of three episodes based on Carl Lindeborg's book The Authentic Shift – Inner Development For a Changing World.

For more than twenty years, Carl has worked with people and organisations as an advisor, consultant and teacher, both in Sweden and internationally. Deeply curious about human development, Carl has sought out learning in many places, from studying with the Dalai Lama at his home in Dharamsala to participating in global networks such as Conscious Capitalism. 

In this episode, Carl illuminates the concept of creating a healthy inner climate for growth from three key areas: positive inversion, inner coaching, and self-compassion.

Discover how our negativity bias shapes our perception of reality and the liberating power of radical acceptance and its role in fostering resilience and inner strength. Learn how a gratitude practice can shift your mindset and cultivate a fertile ground for growth, as well as exploring how to cultivate your inner coach.

Tune in now to uncover the keys to creating a healthy inner climate for growth and unlock your journey towards your authentic self with us, and Carl Lindeborg.

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