#67 Breaking Bread For A Better Food System with S├ębastien Boudet

Ever wondered how your daily bread could be the key to a better world? ­čŹ× Dive into our latest episode featuring S├ębastien Boudet to find out!

Join us as we explore the critical intersection of food, sustainability, and positive change with S├ębastien Boudet. In this thought-provoking conversation, S├ębastien sheds light on the shortcomings of our current food system and the urgent need for transformation. Discover how Sebastien leverages his voice and actions to advocate for a healthier and more sustainable future for people and the planet.

Explore innovative ideas for redesigning our relationship with food and learn how conscious choices in how we spend our time and money can drive positive change in our everyday lives.

Discover S├ębastien's passion for driving positive change and learn how you too can make a difference in creating a more sustainable and healthy world.

Ready to join the movement for a more sustainable food future? Listen to the full episode now and get inspired to make a difference!

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