#69 Intuition and Transformation with Helena Önneby

In this inspiring conversation we sit down with Helena Önneby, an intuitive coach, author, speaker, and HR consultant who believes deeply in the incredible potential within each of us. The topic of our conversation is how intuitive living can lead to a better world.

Helena shares her remarkable story of healing from autoimmune diseases and other serious diagnoses. By the age of 30, she had been diagnosed with six different diseases, leaving her very ill. In this pivotal moment in her life her intuition guided her towards her healing journey. Remarkably, today she has been free from all these diseases for over 12 years.

We explore how choosing to navigate the human experience from the inside out could lead to more a authentic way of living. As a resault, we could experience a more loving and caring society where we come back to connection – connection with other people and nature. We cover key questions such as: What is intuition? How can we better understand it, and connect with it? What potential does it have to create a thriving society and planet?

Helena’s work around intuition is extensive—she has written books on the subject, uses it as a central factor in her coaching with clients, and most importantly, it helped her heal herself. This episode is packed with profound insights and practical advice for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their inner guidance system.


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