About Us

Why holistic?

Holistic | Philosophy

“Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

What we realized early on in our learning journey about sustainability is that it pretty quickly turns into an umbrella phrase. That many of the identified issues and challenges we face are dependent on one or many other variables. It’s a so-called wicked problem. That’s why our niche is to not have a niche – to take a fully holistic approach to the people and subjects we want to learn from. We’ve reached a point in time where we not only need to transform one parameter of the way we live our lives, but multiple ones.

How it started.

Our curious minds crossed ways in 2019 when we started studying for our bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Enterprise Development. We quickly found common passions in personal development and the desire to work with something meaningful. During our first sustainability course, we found the seed that grew into our first project together, The Decade Podcast. Since then we’ve been on an inspiring learning journey through our podcast, education and various gatherings. Early in 2022 we decided to follow our gut feeling and create a company together to be able to create greater positive impact. 

What we are working towards.

Our vision is a world where there is no paradox between being well and doing well. A world where humanity, together with other species thrives within the means of a living planet. It is our mission to gather and share knowledge, wisdom & inspiration about how to turn that vision into reality. Our ambition is to cultivate experiences through our podcast, workshops, and consulting expertise for you to take further steps on your holistic sustainability journey.

Melker Larsson

Co-Founder, Co-Host and Producer of the podcast

Melker is driven by curiosity and creativity. Born and raised among the fields and forest of Östra Göinge, sometimes called “The green heart of Scania”. Sports were always in the center and as a youth, Melker excelled as an orienteerer. This sport and his rural upbringing gave him a deep appretiation and respect for nature. His curiosity has fueled a hunger for knowledge and insights within a wide array of subjects. Understanding how the world works and how things are connected are phisophical conversations he would not shy away from. If the curiosity has been the inlet for Melker, creativity is the outlet. Since his school years Melker has been engaged in multiple projects, where an emphasis has been on creating expereiences for people. Besides exploring his curiosity and creativity with The Decade, he is also the Race Director and CEO of ATOBE, a swimrun event company where he combines his passion for sports and health with deep nature immersions. He is also a musician, producing music as Tellus Time and playing in the band Live In Color

The topics of climate change and sustainability were present throughout his youth but the decision to study and work with these challenges as his top priority was about meaning. Working to aid humanity in its greatest challenges has filled him with a deep sense of meaningfulness, where he wants his existence to be good for himself, others and the planet. Even though humanity sometimes seems to have forgotten it, we are a part of nature, not apart from it, and if we can not figure out how to live in harmony with Mother Earth we will soon not be living at all.

Jonathan Angel

Co-founder, Co-host and communicator of the podcast

“It starts with you. To create a future for humanity to thrive within the means of the living planet, it will take a lot of effort. Effort from people like you and me. I believe the best possible way to contribute to that effort is to be compassionate and loving towards yourself and others, to be curious and to learn about yourself and how our lives impact others and the planet we inhabit.”

Jonathan is a positive and driven life enthusiast originating from the west coast of Sweden. In 2021, he got the prestigious award to be on the list of 33 promising sustainability talents under the age of 33 in Sweden. Jonathan has a background as a volleyball player and has been characterized by his life as an athlete. The journey as an athlete was followed by a six-year period of exploring the world and digging deeper into himself. This journey took him to different corners of the world and gave many insights about himself and into the inequalities we have in the world. He realized his privilege of growing up in a country like Sweden, which became the catalyst for him to want to study and immerse himself in sustainable development. 

Leadership and coaching has always been central pillars in Jonathan’s life. In 2016 he was working as a mentor for unaccompanied refugee children supporting them to integrate their lives in a new culture and country. As a youth he was often selected to be the team captain in volleyball teams and is currently working as a mental coach for Habo Wolley to optimize individual and team performance. He is constantly on a mission to continue to grow and develop to be the best version of himself while having his sprouts out for possibilities to co-create a better future for all species and the planet.