#68 Updating our Worldview with Indy Johar

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Indy Johar, co-founder of Project 00, and Dark Matter Labs, as well as a renowned architect. Indy is the kind of smart that is almost scary, but in the best possible way. Him and his colleagues have thought deeply about the world we live in and how we […]

#67 Breaking Bread For A Better Food System with Sébastien Boudet

Ever wondered how your daily bread could be the key to a better world? 🍞 Dive into our latest episode featuring Sébastien Boudet to find out! Join us as we explore the critical intersection of food, sustainability, and positive change with Sébastien Boudet. In this thought-provoking conversation, Sébastien sheds light on the shortcomings of our […]

#66 The Future Of Work with Sofia Lindman

Step into our latest episode featuring Sofia Lindman, a seasoned keynote speaker, future of work expert, and visionary B2B marketing strategist. Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of work and uncover valuable insights for navigating the changing dynamics of the modern workplace. Sofia shares her expertise on the future of work and the […]

#65 Envisioning The Future We Want with Carl Lindeborg 3/3

Step into the realm of possibility and empowerment with the third and final part of our special series featuring Carl Lindeborg and his book, “The Authentic Shift.” Join us as we explore the eighth key in the book—'Creating the Future.' In this episode, Carl talks about the enriching process of bringing your inner work back […]

#63 Climate for Growth with Carl Lindeborg

In this episode you'll have the opportunity to get practical on your path towards your authentic self. It's the first out of three episodes based on Carl Lindeborg's book The Authentic Shift – Inner Development For a Changing World. For more than twenty years, Carl has worked with people and organisations as an advisor, consultant and […]

#62 Inner & Outer Sustainability with Sophie Gripenberg

How can we be of service to the world to the best of our abilities while at the same time optimizing our personal well-being? That's the million-dollar question for sustainability professionals! The well-being of sustainability professionals directly impacts their ability to drive positive change. When these professionals are supported, they can innovate, collaborate, and lead […]

#61 Economics FOR Sustainability with Anna Nordén

How can economcis be used as a tool in the transition towards a better world? Join us for a thought-provoking conversation in our latest episode featuring Assistant Professor Anna Nordén. We explore the practical side of economic policies and the fascinating world of behavioral economics. Anna shares insights on how economic policies can drive positive […]

#60 Nakãya – A World Of Discovering Our True Nature with David Lindberg

Imagine a world where people lived in harmony with one another, freely exchanging knowledge and resources, and celebrating the diversity that existed within the world. The people recognized that each creature had its own unique gifts and talents, and worked together to create a society that was just and equitable for all beings. Dive into […]

#59 AI – God or Servant? with Fredrik Forss

In our thought-provoking new episode, we delve into the future with Fredrik Fors, the author of the recently published book “Unum.” This gripping science fiction narrative unfolds in a world dominated by an omnipotent AI-god named UNUM, dictating a mere 24 hours for each individual to restore harmony with the natural world. The story follows […]