#59 AI – God or Servant? with Fredrik Forss

In our thought-provoking new episode, we delve into the future with Fredrik Fors, the author of the recently published book “Unum.” This gripping science fiction narrative unfolds in a world dominated by an omnipotent AI-god named UNUM, dictating a mere 24 hours for each individual to restore harmony with the natural world. The story follows […]

#58 Journaling Out Loud Together With Melker & Jonathan

We (Jonathan & Melker) are closing the year of 2023 together in our second JOLT. What is Jonathan doing in a cleaning closet and what does Melker mean when he wants to be in the shire? Questions you will get answers to in this episode with the hosts of The Decade Podcast. In this context […]

#57 Beyond the Finish Line: Ultra Running & Sustainability with Damian Hall

We sit down with Damian Hall, an ultrarunner, author, and activist where we delve into his vision and ideas for a more sustainable running industry. Damian shares his personal story with ultra running, but our conversation goes far beyond the miles. He share how his curiousity about how to lower his own environmental footprint while […]

#56 Systemic Change for Sustainability with Anders Wijkman

In this episode, we're joined by Anders Wijkman, a thought leader in sustainability and systemic change. Together, we delve into the pressing need for systemic change in our current societal structures. Anders shares his perspectives on what's wrong with our existing systems and the essential shifts required to foster sustainability. We go beyond the conventional […]

#55 From Olympics to Climate Goals with Björn Ferry

We sit down with the Olympian gold medalist Björn Ferry, a former Swedish biathlete with a passion for sustainability. Björn shares his inspiring journey and commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Join us as we explore the importance of connecting to a compelling narrative for sustainability and how it can inspire meaningful change. Björn […]

#54 Empowering Change: Giving Voice to Values with Mary Gentile

Once we know what's right, how can we empower positive change towards that belief? Join us as we dive deep into the world of values-driven leadership with Mary Gentile, the creator of the groundbreaking pedagogical approach known as “Giving Voice to Values” (GVV). GVV is more than just a curriculum; it's a powerful, action-oriented methodology […]

#53 Supporting Sustainable Energy Transition with Samer Nameer, Enerpoly

Join us in an insightful conversation with Dr. Samer Nameer, the co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Enerpoly, a groundbreaking energy storage company dedicated to global energy access and decarbonization. In this episode, we explore Enerpoly's mission to deliver the energy storage solutions of tomorrow. Dr. Samer Nameer sheds light on how he and his […]

#52 Journaling Out Loud Together with Jonathan & Melker

We’ve come up with a new term to use! To JOLT, Journaling Out Loud Together. Melker and Jonathan often find themselves chatting and exploring how their conversations with all fantastic guests in this podcast connect to the guiding question of “How on earth can we live together?”. Jonathan and Melker hope that you will tag […]

#51 Using AI to Solve Sustainability Challenges with Kye Andersson

Join us as we explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to help address the world's most pressing challenges with Kye Anderson, co-founder of Canucci, a company working with AI to drive positive change in large organizations. In this episode, we delve into the ways AI can be used to support sustainable development in sectors […]

#50 The Regenerative Renaissance with Rieki Cordon

Join us as we explore the concept of the regenerative renaissance with Rieki Cordon. He describe himself as a mapmaker working to enable a thriving world for both people and the planet. In this episode, we discuss the limitations of many of today's systems, which prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability, and explore how the […]