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Our vision is a world where there is no paradox between being well and doing well, a world where humanity thrives within the means of the living planet. Is it possible to create a world like this? Absolutely yes! 

It is our mission to gather and share knowledge, wisdom & inspiration about how to turn that vision into reality. Through various initiatives, our ambition is to cultivate experiences and scaffold individuals and organizations to continue taking steps on their unique transformative journey.

Do you have thoughts and ideas of how we can co-create that world? Do not hesitate to reach out to further discuss how we can create a positive impact together.

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It's All Personal

A unique, interactive experience on the personal dimensions of professional life.

Together with The Changing Room Initiative and its founder Oren Ipp, we have created this initiative to help people helping the planet to do good, do well, and feel well.

Keynote Speaking - Holistic Sustainability

Jonathan and Melker shares insights and inspiration by examining the question "How on Earth can we live together?"

Through speaking engagements we aim to create a longing for a thriving future and equip audiences with pragmatic positivity.

It's All Personal

While studying and working to amplify impact we are constantly facing complexity and uncertainty. As changemakers, we are often concerned with:

  • Self-doubt and the imposter syndrome: feeling small in relation to the enormity of the cause.
  • Loneliness: feeling uniquely challenged, isolated and alone.
  • Over-identifying with the cause: boundaries dissolve because the professional is so personal.
  • Overwhelm: taking on too much, not saying “no,” and carrying the heaviness of the cause.
  • Activism equated with total sacrifice: the perception that the mission-driven journey is necessarily joyless, compromising and difficult.
  • Dissonance between our internal turmoil and our projection of calm.
  • Minimizing our own challenges compared to those we’re supporting.
Perhaps you recognize some of these challenges within yourself or the people around you? The result, we’ve seen, is imbalance, instability and burnout.

This is why The Decade Podcast and The Changing Room are collaborating to launch “It’s All Personal”, a unique, interactive discussion format on the personal dimensions of professional life.

Through interactive exercises, small-group discussions and individual reflection, participants will gather to acquire the tools, frameworks and experience to improve their wellbeing.

In this unique brave space, participants will explore topics such as finding meaning and purpose, managing overwhelm, and maintaining balance and self-care. By working proactively with these topics, individuals are supported holistically to be truly prepared for their future.

Are you or people around you battling with the aforementioned challenges and struggling to navigate the following imbalance and instability? 

Reach out for a free introduction to our concept and explore how we can help facilitate an environment to learn and amplify the personal dimensions of professional life. 

Keynote Speaking - Holistic Sustainability

Hear us share insights from our endeavor to answer the question “How on Earth can we live together?”

We’ve gathered core messages from over 40 experts within Sustainable and Regenerative development, allowing us to connect a unique thread between topics like personal development & wellbeing, systems thinking, economics & finance, ecology, (self) leadership, eco-psychology, entrepreneurship & business development, circularity, mindfulness, and more. 

As an audience, you will learn about the individual and collective development needed to reach a sustainable state both for the planet we inhabit and for ourselves as a species. 

Book us for an inspiring talk at a business event, guest lecture or any other suitable context where you feel that we can provide value for you.